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iconepdpWe are very much involved in making and fashioning our range with a deep eco-friendly view. We give a clear commitnent to respect the environnement. So we exclusively work …

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iconepdpAs we believe in a new deal, all our weawing workshops are located in the suburb of Paris at last. Then our transport expenses are reduced as much as CO2 emissions…

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iconepdpBecause we have chosen to set only limited ranges we have nothing to do  with the great and intensive distibution. The proximity of our workshops makes possible a daily …

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iconepdpWe want to dress nowadays women, so we have created a clothing thread range, designed by us with a french touch, not resigned to the fashion-diktats. Faced to …

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ethical clothing, french manufacturing, environmental, recycled wool, fair trade, french knitting, knitted french, irish knit, jacquard, hooded jacket, english mesh, , jersey,women sweater, circular economy, made in France, manufactured in France.


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